The Vibe Episode 2 – Out on the Weekend

This week’s episode features another premiere rock group from the ‘Burg, known as Out on the Weekend. Drawing from a wide array of influences, Out on the Weekend has developed from a home recording project of Singer/Guitarist Nathan Scholz into a heavy hitting garage rock troupe featuring Jack Merline on Keyboards/vocals, Brian Donovan on Bass/vocals, and James Adelsberger on Drums/guitar. Drawing from an attitude of making the simple sound complicated and vice versa, Out on the Weekend combines the riff-based rock of bands like Crazy Horse, Jack White, and Dinosaur Jr. with a songwriting style that focuses on lyrics and melody. They have been described as “melodic garage grit rock” and “a band that answers the tough questions about life lyrically” while still having a good time. No matter what you describe the group as. they are an energizing live show that is not to be missed. Check out their interview with Shane from 22807 Magazine below and enjoy the vibes!

Out on the Weekend Pic

Interview link:


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